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Get Information at College Fairs

Many high schools have college fairs, so you can also go to yours and check out local college information. But, many other college fairs are held across the country. You can easily find a college fair near you by visiting the National Association for College Admission Counseling website at: These college fairs give you an excellent opportunity to learn about many colleges all at once. It can be very expensive to visit all of the colleges on your list, so going to a college fair saves you lots of money on travel expenses. You can even pick up brochures, applications and financial aid information for your prospective colleges. Be sure to have any questions you may have ready to ask the college representatives. Also be sure to bring a pen and pad of paper for take notes. You'll be speaking to lots of people and you won't be able to remember everything! Junior year is a hectic time. You're officially an upperclassman now, and a whole slew of new res...


Breaking the Ice With Your First Roommate

You should be notified sometime during the summer of who your roommate is and their contact information. Take some initiative and call them. 99% of the time, they'll be glad you did. Take this time to talk about yourself and ask questions about them. What are their hobbies? Where did they go to school? What are they thinking about majoring in? You get the idea. Getting to know your roommate before you live with them can be helpful in eliminating some of the awkwardness associated with moving in day. You don't have to become best friends over the phone, but try to be open to one another and listen. These first initial talks can really shape your relationship down the road once you are roommates. Try to stay away from controversial topics like religion and politics. Use your best judgment when asking questions and talking in general. It's great to be open and honest, but don't divulge your entire life story. This can be off-putting and make your roommate feel uncomfortable if they don't wish to disclose as...


What You’ll Gain From Attending Freshman Summer Orientation

Going to college is an entirely new experience. While you may be the kind of person that thinks they can do things on their own, you will need help when it comes to becoming familiar with your new school. Most colleges offer a summer orientation program that shows new incoming freshman around the campus and provides valuable information on how college works. Some things you'll learn at such a workshop include: The location of important buildings and offices, the college's academic requirements, how to register for classes, assistance in registering for classes, tips on getting to know instructors, how to make the most of your college experience, where to go to join clubs and become involved, etc. One of the most important factors of this orientation is the campus tour. Trying to find your classes without having been shown around campus first can be next to impossible. This isn't high school anymore. College campuses are huge and unless you know your way around, it's very easy to get lost. You may have alr...


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